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The Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday showed that on Trumps marquee campaign promise to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border just 24 percent of voters believe the presumptive Republican nominee would be able to construct it and have Mexico foot the bill. As for Clintons call to limit secret money in politics or restrict the influence of Wall Street, voters are similarly skeptical. Just 9 percent said shed be able to remove secret campaign cash from the political system; 63 percent predicted the Democratic presidential front-runner, if elected, wouldnt even try. Likewise, only 15 percent said Clinton would be able to curb the power of Wall Street; 56 percent said she would not bother to try. Twenty-one percent said shed try and fail. No matter which candidate you pick, you can cut the cynicism with a knife, Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll, said in a statement. Voters had a bit more faith that Trump would try to achieve his campaign promises, even if they doubt hell succeed. On the border wall, 39 percent said hed try and fail, while 29 percent said he wouldnt actually try. 2016 Election Headquarters The latest headlines on the 2016 elections from the biggest name in politics. See Latest Coverage And on his call to deport millions of illegal immigrants, 19 percent of voters said he would be able to do it.